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New Casey Anthony Photos (Boing!)

"Casey 1, Caylee 0"

Boston, MA and Wicked Improper, Boston’s Favorite Blog: Casey Anthony is famous for two things: Allegedly killing her daughter Caylee, and for her two awesome gravy bags. I guess that makes three things. And now that she’s out of jail I hope she sues the State of Florida for three years of false imprisonment and lost wages from all of the stripping she could have been doing. There’s not a parent out there that hasn’t thought “I’d love to shut my fucking kid up once and for all by wrapping her face with duct tape, stuffing her in a trash bag and leaving her in the trunk of my car, and then dumping the body in the woods a quarter mile from my house and not report it to anybody.” It’s just one of the emotions you experience during parenthood that no one tells you about before you have kids. Sure, you always hear “it’s so rewarding” and “kids are what it’s all about” and “we love going to recitals!”, but you never hear “my kid is a fucking idiot and is failing English, the language we all speak” or “my kid has ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, and now he’s on meds to help him with his night terrors” and “If I don’t get my 9 year old the new iPhone she said she’s going to “wig out.” In a sense, Casey had the right idea. If in fact she did murder Caylee, she most certainly got away with it, and now she’s got what every parent craves: As a single mother of zero, she has the freedom to do what she wants when she wants, and no more taking orders like a short order cook from that rotten little brat.
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"Not What Betsy Ross Had In Mind"

2 Responses to “New Casey Anthony Photos (Boing!)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    you are sick and disgusting for thinking that what she did was ok. I hope you get hit by a truck…twice…

  2. Martin says:

    We’re not saying what she did was “okay”, but now that’s she’s single, however it got to that point, we’d like to see her breasts. Please.

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