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Now Wait Just A God Damn Minute


"So that's what it's like to prematurely ejaculate"


Stoughton, MA – Stop whatever it is you’re doing right now (but don’t stop reading this.) BiBi Jones, the hottest chick on the entire planet besides my wife who reads this blog is coming to Alex’s Gentlemen’s Club in Stoughton, MA. If you are looking for extra Holiday income, they are going to need to hire additional temporary moppers because dudes are going to be wrangling jism out all over the place. Seriously, the staff at Alex’s is going to have to lay plastic tarps over the carpets and curtains like they’re in the locker room after winning the World Series. If you plan on going to this once in a lifetime event, I would recommend bringing a travel umbrella and wearing goggles. Come on, we’re all adults here, you know how it stings.

While burlesque shows have been around for centuries and, when done right, stripping can certainly be considered a form of performance art, BiBi will be dancing around and letting you put your nose near her flapper valve for $1 per whiff. Ms. Jones will be performing on Feb. 3rd and 4th, and Wicked Improper cordially invites you to go without us because my wife will never let me go unless I lie. Also, if you like to get your freak on, “Bridget the Midget” (who uses a stage name for “Bridget” but is truthful about “the Midget” part) will be appearing at Alex’s on November 17th, 18th, and 19th. Alex’s kindly requests patrons to please not ask Bridget to tell you a riddle or “show you where the end of the rainbow is.”

For more pictures, hijinx, and all things BiBi, I demand that you open a Twitter account right now and follow her at, where else: @xxxBiBiJones

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