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Fire Bobby Valentine?

Not Bard's wife. Also, not a real bat. Everything else is legit.


Kidding, it’s early.  But folks, I have better things to do than tell you how Tim Wakefield can save the Red Sox season.  (I don’t.)  Statistics show that the Red Sox can count on multiple (ie greater than one) victories this year, but if this keeps up I’m just going to start posting the link to Tim Wakefield’s agent and leave it at that.  But for the record, the starting pitcher, Daniel Bard, went 5 innings and allowed 8 hits and 5 runs, and as near as I can tell, he married his high school sweetheart (horrible mistake for a Red Sox GM or starting pitcher). 


Now last year I think he only made around $500K, so I’m not sure I can compare him to the rest of those a$$holes in terms of value to the club.  But Bobby Valentine, another person who’s job Tim Wakefield could do better for less pay, is fair game.  Here’s what BV had to say about Bard’s performance:


“He pitched good enough to win if we scored some runs”


Bobby V, ladies and gentlemen!

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Fire Bobby Valentine?

  1. Martin says:

    Post more pictures of that mexicasian!

  2. Tim Wakefield is definitely going to save the season. He somehow manages to bring out his best in the last.

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