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Free Tim Cahill! – A Suffolk County grand jury has handed up indictments against former state Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill on corruption charges that his campaign allegedly used $1.65 million in taxpayer-funded state lottery advertising to boost his floundering 2010 gubernatorial bid, Attorney General Martha Coakley said today.

Can someone please help me to see what the problem is here? Put yourself in Tim Cahill’s shoes. You’re allegedly sitting there going “If only I had $1.65 million laying around to help me out with my campaign. Oh, wait, here it is.” This is what’s known in some circles as the “Rainy Day” fund, or, in this case, the “My campaign is halfway down the shitter, and I need some Liquid Plumber in the form of $1.65 million to pull this half-submerged log out of the drain.” Whether he knowingly used those funds or not, I don’t think it’s any of our business. He had the best of intentions in mind for the people in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and this is how we repay him? An indictment? This guy isn’t texting before and after pictures of his helmet trying to reach its’ way up to his belly button out to interns. He’s not crashing his state issued Crown Victoria at 108mph while going to “survey storm damage”, like a certain someone we know. All he may have allegedly done was take a little from Pile A, and move it over to Pile B, and then make some witty commercials to gain voters. You know, if more politicians would have his drive and passion, I believe our state, and perhaps our country, would be a better place.

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"This is at the top of the list as to why I'm afraid of prison"

5 Responses to “
Free Tim Cahill!

  1. met says:

    Governor Patrick will not part with $ 3.75 in tolls (doesn’t pay them) and Tim gets steamrolled over a lousy 1.65million. Considering the whole reason he was running was to keep Patrick in office I do not understand how this is even a story. Martha must be PMS’ing or something.

  2. met says:

    Oh to answer the question to the 4th poll response. Cause Tim provides state democrats with 1 vote. Illegal (Mexican) aliens provide many many more…..

    many more.

  3. Martin says:

    Number 4 is now number 3! Uprising!

    “you’re sure if I run and absorb some of the votes from Charlie Baker, everything will be okay for me?”

  4. met says:

    I thought some hot chick with boobers saw my witty banter and was totally ready to roll…Then I noticed it was just Martin.


    But I kinda didn’t read what he commented on….I lost track of where I was…

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