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See The World’s First Flying Cat!

Boston, MA – I’m ready to admit something you usually don’t hear from a man unless his favorite flavor in the whole wide world is a big fat juicy cock: I used to like cats. That is, until I got a dog, and now I don’t care if I ever see another cat again as long as I live, and that includes my own cat, Nipples. She’s slow, unresponsive, dopey, and fat, kind of like 75% of America. And, the only skill she has, if you can really call it that, is putting her leg behind her own ear and licking her teepee-shaped clit for hours on end. That’s not too strange when we have company over. “Oh, don’t mind Nipples, she’s just giving herself an hour-long bath in the one place on her body that makes her have wailing orgasms. Can I get you a beer, or…?”

Anyway, you have to respect a pet or zoo animal when they just take it out and start wanking off. Part of you wants to look away in shock and let them have their privacy, but the other part of you wants to giggle and watch them finish while you record it on your iPhone 4s. “Siri, record Oscar the Chimp beating his meat and text it to my entire contact list.” It’s times like that when you really don’t mind paying $90 a month for your smart phone.

The video you’re about to watch caught me completely off guard. I actually found myself rooting for Orville the Cat to take flight. Now, I don’t know if it was his sheer will and determination, or the fact that he’s dead and strapped to a remote control helicopter, but either way, dude pulls it off. You GO, Orville!

(Want more Orville The Remote Control Helicopter Flying Dead Cat? Click here)


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