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The Friday Wouldya?

Boston, MA – Wouldya? It’s literally the age-old question that men have been asking each other since the beginning of time. There may be evidence indicating cavemen started the first fire not for warmth or to cook food, but so they could parade cavegirl after cavegirl by at night and evaluate their pussies. Of course, over the years our methods of showing approval have changed, and while today you or I may stomp our foot on the ground and howl, it’s not longer acceptable to smash a woman’s head with a rock and nail her in the shrubs. You can Google this if you’d like, but they recently discovered some drawings going back to 24,000 B.C., and it depicts a man putting two fingers into a woman’s pussy and his pinky into her ass in what appears to be the very origin of The Shocker. The drawing also indicates that the preferred body shape of a woman had awesome tits with wide, receptive hips for angry, repeated thrusting. The more things change, the more things stay the same, and man will always want his penis to take anywhere from 1 to 45 minute vacations in a warm, humid poontanna (provided you’re not flat/gross.)

Which brings us to today’s Wouldya? Per usual, I’ll go ahead and start us off and let you know how I voted…..drumroll….I would. Yep, I know, shocker. Those tightly bound awesome boobers are pretty much all you need, and this is yet another example of how a woman really doesn’t even need a head. With that being said, leave the glasses on, baby, because the doppler in my pants is calling for a 100% chance of precipitation.

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3 Responses to “
The Friday Wouldya?

  1. met says:

    I saw a dude rocking the shocker window decal. He looked like Comic Book Guy fat ponytail like it was 1987. Next to him was something that looked like it was constantly wondering when and where the next feeding was coming from. So I question; is that irony or a lack of situational awareness? Both?

    • met says:

      I am secs away from dashboard cam. I could capture that, and the “mom” who crossed four lanes of traffic with her methbaby in stroller not in cross walk-not near crosswalk-AND taking an angle across the street so she could minimize her waddling and maximize the chance for death.

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