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The Future Of America Is, Like, Pretty Dumb

Boston, MA – As one of the many blogs and sites you frequent from your desk during your “busy day”, only this one can boast no ads, pop-ups, or regurgitated material, and yet, to keep you enticed we’re kind enough to periodically post pictures of tits, ass, and pussies for our male readers, and Channing Tatum’s 11 pound dick bulge for our female readers, gayers, and maybe a few of you that are bi-curious (i.e. Gay.) With that being said, I’ve never asked you for a god damn thing, so I’m asking it now: You must watch this video and send this link to everyone in your personal and professional network. That’s an order.

(Spoiler/Run-on: The high school graduate you’re about to witness trying to read a letter from his principle where he got community service instead of his diploma because his friends and family all went apeshit during his graduation is a fucking idiot but he got accepted to a college(s) anyway because he knows how to tackle other boys that are carrying a football.)


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