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Photo Hunt Game (For Female Readers Only)

Hi Ladies! WOOOOH! Here’s a fun game you can play in under a minute that will help to sharpen the recognition skills in your brain. Recent studies have shown that our brains are the first muscle to go, which is why you always hear about the elderly crashing their cars through storefronts and killing people with absent-minded negligence. Simple exercises like this can help to fire those neurons which are typically stagnant, due to the female brains propensity to dwell on things like shopping, and shows such as Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Keep in mind (pun intended?) this is a healthy, fun exercise that will help jog the most important muscle in your body: The Brain!

Try to find the objects below. Once you locate all six objects, send the link to a friend and compare your results! Good luck!

1. Puka Necklace
2. Red plate
3. Worst wall art, ever
4. Keurig
5. Earring
6. Morning Wood


3 Responses to “
Photo Hunt Game (For Female Readers Only)

  1. Righty says:

    this game would be a lot more fun if the dude was wearing calvins and not “sonomas”…awful

    • Martin says:

      Now you watch your mouth. Sonoma is a quality brand, so SORRY that not everyone can afford to buy Calvins at a high end store like a Kohl’s or a Target.

  2. Red says:

    Six likes.

    We’ve found our audience?

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