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You Want Proof We Are Overpopulated? Okay, Here Is Proof

(Disclaimer: Video contains bad words like “Pussy”, “Little Ho”, “Fuck you”, and the N word. Video also contains laziness, bad parenting, threats of sodomy using the leg of a common kitchen chair, etc. In other words, a lot of the same shit that occurred growing up in the Munson house, minus the bad parenting and chair rape. Wicked Improper not responsible for thoughts of violence that trickle into your frontal lobe as you realize your tax dollars are paying for ‘everything’ in the video. Enjoy!)

p.s. Despite the fact it’s allowed as a PC reference to a despicable word, the very phrase “the N word” will have negative connotations until the end of time, and rightfully so. However, I know one company that could benefit tremendously if they would just follow the undeniably profitable advertising blueprint for pork. Just imagine a delicious Hazelnut spread commercial that ended like this: “Nutella, the other N word.”

Meh, probably why I’m not in advertising.


2 Responses to “
You Want Proof We Are Overpopulated? Okay, Here Is Proof

  1. Boston Sean says:

    Overpopulation indeed. We need to get some sterilization shit goin’ on in this muthafucka.

    • Martin says:

      It’s getting out of control. I mean, we’re always joking around on here, but that poor kid has no chance in hell unless he ends up in Foster care.

      Actually, that sounds bad too.

      Anyway, let’s put the parents to death before they make another baby, ‘kay?

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