Models Banned From World Series And All They Did Was Show Some Titties

Thoughts and Prayers to those three remaining buttons

NY POST – Shagmag founder Julia Rose and brand executive Lauren Summer have been banned indefinitely by Major League Baseball after flashing Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole during Game 5 of the World Series on Sunday night.

They received a letter which read “During the game, you violated the fan code of conduct by exposing yourself during the 7th inning, in order to promote a business,” the letter read. It appears the women were promoting breast cancer awareness.

League spokesperson Michael Teevan confirmed to USA Today that the women had been banned, noting MLB “distributed a letter to the individuals in question, and the letter set for an indefinite ban for each.”

Fellow attendee Kayla Lauren, who also sported a yellow Shagmag T-shirt at the game, later posted a bathroom selfie seemingly following the incident. “Just got kicked out of the World Series. In police HQ bathroom still gotta get that birthday selfie,” she shared on her Instagram story.

The interruption didn’t appear to deter the Astros, who went on to defeat the Nationals 7-1. Houston now leads the series 3-2.

Boston, MA – Besides being born looking really good with little to no effort, the best thing to ever happen to these chicks is being banned from the World Series. They should actually reply and ask to be banned from all games, forever. Baseball, as a sport, and as a national pastime anyway, is nearly dead. The league should actually thank these brave women for their wonderful service and encourage others (only those who are capable, those who are not, you know who you are) to follow suit. As a fan of the sport of baseball, you are essentially paying ridiculous amounts of money to see a guy try to hit a ball over a fence. That’s it. If the ball goes over the fence, everyone in the stands (who had nothing to do with it) goes fucking bananas as if this is something they haven’t seen 87,000 times before. If the ball doesn’t go over the fence, well, that’s okay, because the players can still advance one base at a time through various scenarios, all of which are likely to put you to sleep.

In my last experience visiting Fenway, it was $50 to park, $150 for the ticket, $9 for a beer, then I went and sat down in seats that must have been built when the average height of a human being was 4’7″. My knees were absolutely crushed into the seat in front of me, but it was the good kind of pain, because it helped to keep my mind off the fact the guy behind me basically had his warm privates touching my neck. At first I was thinking, “Please be a giant foam finger. Please be a giant foam finger.”, and then I slowly turned my head to discover the grim reality: It was his ballbag.

Anyway, all Major League Baseball has to do to improve sinking ratings and put more asses in the seats is to allow hot chicks to do whatever they want at the stadium. That’s all these heroes were trying to do, and not all heroes wear capes, or in this case, shirts. Oh, MLB might also consider updating their old ass song to this:

🎵 Take me out to the ballgame,

take me out where it’s lame,

buy me some peanuts and hold on a sec,

would you look at those two fuckin hot chicks,

for it’s one, two, yep two pairs of boobs,

at my new, favorite, gaaaame! 🎵

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