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Playboy Model And Mexico Agree: A Spoonful Of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down, aka “What Depression-Fueled Drug War?!”

By "sugar" I meant "boobs" and by "spoonful" I meant "450cc's" (each)


(Reuters) – Mexico’s electoral authority apologized to voters on Monday after a sober presidential debate was upstaged by a former Playboy model and her revealing outfit.  Clad in a tight-fitting white dress with a cut below the neckline to show much of her cleavage, Julia Orayen was working as an assistant on the televised debate, which focused on the economy and the drug-related violence ravaging Mexico.


Pretty much everyone knows that political campaigns, especially at the national level, are just a marketing campaigns.  Have a fat constituency?  Blame sugar producers and promise those fatties that they’ll look like Giselle after your reign.  Is the majority of your constituency made up of lazy, entitled, sniveling layabouts?  Blame the producers, and promise that everyone deserves – and will have - a car, a house, and a fat turkey in the oven when you’re done.  It’s their birthright!  The more outrageous your promises, the more likely you are to get their votes.  But above all, follow the Budweiser principle:  Always – Always – have a huge breasted woman delivering your messages.


"Show me...surprised! Pretty good. Try turning a bit more to the right now."