“Collide” Singer Howie Day Arrested For Assaulting His Ex-Girlfriend. No Word Yet On Whether Or Not He Has Any Other Songs.

“hey, can I borrow 500 bucks? Like, right now?”

NY Post – “Collide” singer Howie Day was arrested for assaulting his ex-girlfriend in a Manhattan hotel, authorities said. Howard K. Day, 34, was charged with assault and arraigned Saturday in Manhattan Criminal Court.

The Seattle-based singer allegedly began arguing with his girlfriend Friday afternoon when he angrily grabbed the woman, threw her around and wrapped his hands around her throat, police said. “I’m going through Xanax withdrawal, I’m going to pass out,” he apparently told an officer after he being taken into custody, according to prosecutors.

The victim, who sought medical attention after the assault, got an order of protection against Day, who is currently on tour. Day also faces charges of criminal obstruction of breathing, assault, and criminal possession of a controlled substance. Day did not enter a plea and is being held on $500 bail.

I’m not sure who edits this celebrity story excrement at the NY Post, but the article says he assaulted his ex-girlfriend in a hotel, and then the very next paragraph starts with “began arguing with his girlfriend Friday afternoon.” Well, which one is it, is she the ex, or is she the current girlfriend? In the grand scheme of things, I suppose it doesn’t matter much, but at least have a disclaimer like “We no longer edit or proofread our articles because the majority of people who are genuinely interested in stories like this are vapid morons. Don’t forget to click around on our ads!”

Plus, this seems like it went further than just getting a little physical. Arguing with a woman? ok. Angrily grabbing a woman? Not ok, but we’ll allow it without knowing all the circumstances. Threw her around? That’s really not okay. Wrapped his hands around her throat, or, “criminal obstruction of breathing”, which I guess is a new fancy legal term for choking? That no longer seems like assault, that sounds like attempted murder. And, while it’s nice for Howie to blame his current condition on Xanax (and will probably use that in his upcoming defense), I want my rock n’ roll stories to be riddled with coke and heroin use. I mean, copping to Xanax addiction would be like Tommy Lee getting pulled over because he was wasted on White Claws. Can you even imagine the headline? “Motley Crue Bad Boy Arrested For Driving His Ford Fusion While Intoxicated On Ruby Grapefruit Hard Seltzers.”

There are no winners in this story, so to quote Howie Day’s own song, Collide, ♫ even the best fall down some times ♫ (you just hope it’s not your former lover who’s been touring the low-level rock club circuit playing the same one hit, night in and night out, and ends up putting you in a fucking choke hold.)