Transgender Boxer Becomes The Face Of Everlast

Both of these people could kick your ass, and it’s the same person

Well, this is a great “knockout” (get it? yeah, you get it) for the LGBTQmmunity. It must be an incredibly proud moment for this transgender boxer, Patricio Manuel, to become the new face of Everlast boxing gear. As a side note, coincidentally, Everlast just so happens to be my nickname in the sack, wink wink. Look, can we please get this over with already? If women want to become men (and vice versa) because that’s who and how they identify, please let them do so and be themselves. If women want to become men, and then enter a boxing ring with another dude to punch each others faces in front of a bloodthirsty audience at an event where everything from ticket scalping, to concessions, and gambling (and sometimes the outcome) is likely controlled by the mob, they should be able to.

Now, in all honesty, I don’t think boys should become girls, and then blow the fucking doors off of the other girls in high school or collegiate sports. Some of the trans girls are winning the 100 yard dash by like 40 yards.

“Meep Meep!”

It’s absurd. Imagine raising your daughter for 17 years, which feels more like 50, and you drive her to a track meet two hours away so some scouts can see her run the 100 yard dash. “On your mark, get set, go!” or “bang” with a starter’s pistol (unless those are now outlawed because people are pussies), your daughter comes out of the blocks, then there’s like this puff of smoke, and a pack of runners, including her, get left in the transgender’s dust like he’s the fucking roadrunner. You go over to meet your daughter, who is obviously a wreck. “Aww, shhh. There, there honey. Hey, you would have finished third and maybe gotten a scholarship to Yale, but the transgender girl was just too good today, by only like six or seven lengths, and was already at the snack bar before you finished. Maybe it’s time to consider playing a team sport, like handball, at our local community college. On second thought, isn’t there already a trans girl there who is wide open even when she is being double and triple teamed, and goes by the nickname She-quille O’Neal?”

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