Transgender Cyclist, Rachel McKinnon, Who Set Women’s World Record Wouldn’t Have Qualified For Men’s Championship

Guess Which One Is Rachel

Townhall.comRachel McKinnon is a professional Canadian cyclist who was born a biological male, but now identifies as a female. According to Union Cyclist Internationale Masters Track Championship rules, McKinnon therefore is allowed to compete against women instead of against men. McKinnon has previously claimed that being born a male but racing against women is not only fair, but a human right for transgender individuals. McKinnon won a second Women’s Sprint World Championship over the weekend, but the Canadian’s qualifying time for this competition would not have even been fast enough to qualify for the men’s championship.

Well, as the old saying goes, “If you can’t beat ’em, tape your junk down and go compete against the women.” Seriously, if you are going thru a transition, whether it be male to female, female to male, or male to female then back to male again because being a guy is much easier, you should absolutely be able to continue doing what you love. In Rachel’s case, hey, she really likes pedaling a bike faster than every other girl on earth. No doubt, all seven of you that read our expose on dudes racing as girls will draw some parallels with this blog. The bottom line is, until another female who used to be a male steps up to compete against Rachel, I have a feeling she’ll be winning this event every year for the rest of her life. The question then becomes, why are we not going to Vegas and betting our entire life savings on her?

To recap, Rachel McKinnon was born male, but identifies as female, and is simply crushing the hopes and dreams her competition. Look, if the other natural chicks want to show up week in and week out to compete for second place as Rachel blows their labias off, be my guest. Theoretically, what’s to stop Lance Armstrong from coming out of retirement and going “hey, I identify as a female now call me Mary” as he drinks a 16oz. smoothie made with kale and someone else’s clean blood? You know he would absolutely smoke the field and could do so by pedaling with one foot.

As for the current state of world class cycling, I honestly couldn’t care less what happens. I guess I stopped caring about it after that time I got banned from a spin class for putting the queen of clubs in my spokes.

Perhaps someone will come along to challenge this physical speciwomen, but until then, my money’s on Rachel. VROOOOOOM!

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