Watch Naked Guy Elude Cops (Safe For Work As His Privates Are Pixelated)

By now, you may have heard this young man “allegedly” murdered some family members (the mother in law, wife, and child of minor league pitcher Blake Bivens), but what you haven’t heard or seen is this video. Never in all my years have I seen someone just casually jogging with their dick flapping around in the wind, especially with triple homicide charges looming. Now, I have seen a guy doing what I previously thought was the impossible, which is sprinting with a raging boner, but that’s a blog for another time. Anyway, if you’re looking down the barrel of 30 to life (or especially the death penalty), you might want to think about getting your giddy up on. I don’t know, maybe show a little hustle? This guy looks like he thinks he’s involved in the world’s slowest game of TV tag.

I’ve watched this video at least ten times, and no, not because I hope the pixelation will eventually go away. Speaking of, someone’s entire job out there is editing videos and putting blurry boxes in front of dicks and pussies.

Wife: “How was work today?”

Husband (whose only job is to blur out privates): “HOW DO YOU THINK IT WAS, DIANE?”

Anyway, why bother, we all know what they look like by now. They’re both ugly. Dicks are gross, and everybody knows it. And, I’m sorry, but vaginas are no picnic, either. As a young man, all I ever heard was “just wait until you see one”, and then one day I did see one, but I didn’t know what to do so I went back to the arcade to play Donkey Kong. And yet, one of life’s great joys is how when you eventually do put it in there (thank you, Tinder) it feels like a unicorn’s horn is going into a fun, squishy rainbow.

Now, I commend this officer for playfully jogging around in circles and spraying mace, rather than doing what I would have done, which is to shoot him eleven times with my rifle. I’m sorry, we are all innocent until proven guilty, but this case appears to be a slam dunk, and for christ’s sake, this naked guy is trying to touch me with his dick? Aww, hell no. I didn’t go thru Police Academy and spend 19 years on the force so a lunatic could dry hump me on the lawn while some asshole does nothing except film it. In retrospect, perhaps my unique, law enforcement theory of ‘shoot first ask questions later’ is why I’m not a cop.

Bonus LOL at the 0:32 mark when the K9 unit is ready to fuck this guy up, but then sees his dick bouncing around and decides to take a powder.

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