McDonald’s CEO Fired After Inappropriate Relationship With Employee Rumored To Be Grimace

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Steve Easterbrook, who had been the fast food giant’s CEO since 2015, was fired from the company after its board of directors found that he violated McDonald’s policy, it said in a statement. The burger chain’s board found that Easterbrook, 52, “demonstrated poor judgment involving a recent consensual relationship with an employee.”

Per company policy, McDonald’s would not comment on the employee or details surrounding the relationship. However, a source says there were whispers among corporate offices that the employee was none other than Grimace. Said the source: “Yeah, every once in a while, Steve would walk in late to our meetings with his hands and lips all purple. We figured he just ate a jelly donut or something, but we’d still bust his balls and ask if he had been blowing Grimace again. Well, we’re not joking around now.” He added “We didn’t even think it was possible, because Grimace is just kinda this big stuffed animal, but who knows, I guess if it pulls up its’ belly or whatever, maybe there’s like a purple dick under there.”

These are the first allegations of misconduct at McDonald’s since the summer of 2018, when Mayor McCheese and the Hamburglar were accused of inappropriate behavior in the backseat of an Uber Black. At the time, the driver, who spoke to us under the condition of anonymity, said “I overheard the Hamburglar saying he had pictures of the Mayor in compromising situations with Captain Crook. He said he was going to release the pictures (to the popular McDonald’s gossip outlet TMcZ) unless he was willing to, um, you know, and these are his words, not mine, ‘gurgle my hamburgle.’ Of course, there is no window divider in Uber, so I just focused on the road and turned up my radio. When the ride was over, they gave me five stars and a 20% tip, but I asked the Hamburglar to leave his scarf and gloves behind so I could wipe up his special sauce.”

Grimace, whose gender is unknown but apparently leans towards male by using the pronouns “Gre/Grim”, could not be reached for comment. The company’s share price closed at $194 on Friday, up 9.2% for the year.

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  1. You might be on to something here. Exhibited poor judgment = nailed a fatty. If it was the hot chick from accounts payable its drinks and high fives all around.

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