Snow Removal Dispute Ends In Murder :|

Police work the scene of a murder-suicide following a shoveling dispute that left three dead in Plains Township, Pa., on Feb. 1, 2021.

PAProsecutors said a man in Pennsylvania shot and killed a couple in a murder-suicide over a snow removal dispute on Monday, the same day a major winter storm dumped more than 30 inches of snow in parts of the Northeast.

Jeffrey Spaide fatally shot his neighbors, James Goy and his wife, Lisa Goy, before killing himself on Monday morning. Surveillance video revealed that Spaide and the Goys were involved in disputes before the deadly encounter, prosecutors said.

The video shows that the Goys shoveled snow from their parking spots, pushed it across the street and threw it onto Spaide’s property. After Spaide asked the couple to stop throwing snow onto his property, the neighbors got into an argument where they appear to have exchanged obscene gestures and expletives.

Prosecutors said James Goy threatened Spaide and cocked his fist, prompting Spaide to retreat into his home and return outside with a pistol.

While the Goys acknowledged he had a gun, prosecutors said they continued to shout names at him from the middle of the street. Spaide opened fire and shot the Goys before returning to his home to get another gun to deal the killing blow, according to prosecutors. After killing his neighbors, Spaide went back inside his home where he shot himself as police pulled up to the scene, prosecutors said.

Boston, MA – This is definitely a sad situation all around, and obviously, murder-suicide is never the answer, but if we can remove ourselves from the senseless bloodshed that took place for a moment, I do have to ask this question: What the hell were the Goys doing? According to the video, they “pushed the snow across the street and then onto Spaide’s property.” wtf is that? Everyone knows you should just push it into the street, leaving it for those assholes in the DPW to plow in front of your driveway again. Not only did they shovel their property, they went full beast mode into the street like “fuck it, let’s keep going and dump it all in Jeff’s yard. Fuck him.” They clearly had an issue with Jeff Spaide and were sending some kind of weird, snow-related message, like “hey Jeff, they were calling for 8 inches of snow but we wanted you to have 16.” I mean, imagine being Jeff Spaide for a second, you’re just looking out the window like “oh shit, I’m gonna have to shovel later on…hey, what the fuck?” as you see the Goys piling snow into your driveway.

Now, this is where things get a little dicey, because Jeff goes down there probably to ask the same question any of us would ask, which is “excuse me, what the fuck are you doing?” Even though Jeff simply asked them to stop, they apparently got into an argument and exchanged swears and obscene gestures, but what does that even mean? The middle finger isn’t considered obscene any more, so maybe the Goys were making the jerkoff motion, or who knows, Jeff could have pointed at Mrs. Goy and made the universal sign for hey here is my dick going in and out of your mouth. Either way, things escalated from there and Mr. Goy cocked his fist, which, good on him, would have been taken seriously back in the 1950’s. Unfortunately for Mr. Goy, Jeff was packing multiple heats back at his place, and went to retrieve his gun(s). Well, this is kind of like our blog from last week where that guy went cuckoo because his chicken wings were taking too long, because once someone appears like they’re going to get a gun, it is time to run for your life.

Now, I’m not picking sides, because there were no winners, but here is where I feel like the Goys made yet another mistake. Jeff came back with a gun as promised, which, according the article, the Goys “acknowledged.” Now, I’m not sure how you acknowledge when someone has a gun, but here’s how I do it: “HOLY FUCKING SHIT! THAT GUY HAS A GUN RUN FOR YOUR FUCKING LIFE!” Not the Goys! They casually continued with the name calling and taunting from the middle of the street. It turns out that Jeff was a pretty good shot, because while the storm was going on and everything, if I’m reading between the lines, he was able to wound both and left them laying in the street. Then he went back to his place to get yet another gun (probably a shotgun) and came back to finish the Goys off once and for all. Most of us will never know the sickening feeling of taking a human life/lives, but there is probably an indescribable wave of nausea that washes over you as you realize you’re a murderer now and people are going to talk negatively about you on Facebook. Oh, and also that you’re going to spend the rest of your life in prison.

Like I said, no winners in this one, let’s just try to be good neighbors to one another and everyone calm the fuck down. Thanks. Oh, and it wouldn’t surprise me if a Keller Williams vampire hasn’t already put “For Sale” signs up at these two properties.

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