Je Suis Kenyatta Bellamy

Dial “M” for Mugshot

A Florida man killed his girlfriend and her lover after bonding out of jail on a manslaughter charge — saying he “lost it” when he found them having sex in his Florida home, according to cops.

Kenyatta Bellamy, 50, left Osceola County jail last Tuesday after a year inside for failing to appear in court on a DUI manslaughter charge, Polk County Sheriff’s Office said.

Once out, he discovered that his girlfriend had moved another man into his home in Davenport while he was incarcerated.

Bellamy initially tried to calm himself by visiting his mom in Miami — but his “anger increased” when he couldn’t take a bus “due to the COVID-19 virus,” the sheriff’s office said.

On Friday — just three days after his release — he went to the house and “discovered them having sex so he ‘lost it,’ ” the sheriff’s office said of Bellamy’s alleged confession to officers.

“He used a hammer and a knife to kill the victims. They both have trauma consistent with those injuries,” the department said.

Autopsies will be held to determine the exact cause of deaths for the victims, neither of whom was identified. Bellamy then lit a fire in the bedroom, with the smoke leading to 911 calls that alerted officers to the bloodbath.

Bellamy previously lived in New York — with records showing numerous addresses in Long Island, including Bellport, Medford and Central Islip — and has a lengthy rap sheet here, the sheriff noted.

We are still piecing together why, after spending almost a year in jail, he was allowed to bond out. This is an awful tragedy that should never have happened.”

The sheriff noted it is the “third separate event where he’s caused someone’s death.”

Bellamy faces two counts of first-degree murder, one count of attempted felony murder, one count of arson and one count of tampering with evidence. He was booked into Polk County Jail, the sheriff said.

Kenyatta Bellamy is obviously not an upstanding citizen by any stretch, but what choice did they leave him? He came home from being in prison and found this new dude and his girl doing the exact polar opposite of social distancing. Imagine coming thru the door and you’re like “honey, I’m home!”, and you just expect there to be a six foot perimeter around every other living being in the house, only when you open the door to the bedroom you find your girl doing reverse-housewife? That’s not the wonderful reunion I have pictured when daydreaming about the perfect prison homecoming.

There are just so many things to unpack here, for example, under what circumstances would you meet a chick and she’s like “well, I’m kinda single, with the exception of my boyfriend is upstate on a vehicular homicide charge. But don’t worry, he’s pretty chill”, and you still think “you know something, I believe this is someone I would really like to court.” I mean, one of my rules for dating women is “never date someone who has a former lover who is just counting down the days until they get out of prison, because the recidivism numbers don’t lie, and they are going to get even with someone, especially if they come home and you got your dick inside their girl.” I mean, that’s what happened here, this guy got out after 365 nights of just stewing in his own anger, and then he comes home and this is the thanks he gets? She didn’t even change the fucking locks? We have all been horny and boned and/or got boned by a few we probably shouldn’t have, but sometimes your dick just needs to know when it’s time to skip town. Also, call me a worry wart, but if that was me I would have been like “Look, this has been a very pleasurable time in my life, but according to my records, your soon to be ex-convict boyfriend will be returning home in *looks at Google calendar* holy shit, he gets out tomorrow! Well, I should be going.”

Quick sidenote, you got this cop saying “He used a hammer and a knife to kill the victims. They both have trauma consistent with those injuries.” Gee, redundant much? We got it the first time, Magnum PI, he used a hammer and knife to kill the victims. That pretty much sums it up, we weren’t on the edge our seats there like “hmm, he used a hammer and a knife to kill the victims, but how do we really know? Oh wait, here’s the next sentence, they both have trauma consistent with those injuries, so probably stab wounds and hammer strikes. Okay, this mystery has been solved.”

Finally, I’m obviously not saying it was right for this guy to kill anyone, I’m just saying you can probably imagine the rage he was feeling. Especially after that visit with his mother. Ugh. I’m not blaming her, either, but the last thing I think of when I need to blow off some steam is “you know what, I think instead of going out to do some blow and get a lapdance, I’ll pay a visit to, statistically speaking, one of the most annoying people we know in our lives.” You can almost hear it now:

Mom: “oh Kenyatta, when are you gonna settle down with a nice girl?”

Kenyatta: “yeah, I TRIED TO, MOM.”


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